Do you have a Youtube channel but don’t know how to promote it? You should create a lot of useful and high-quality content that users cannot live without. Therefore, in this article we will give you a mechanic on how to promote a Youtube channel and gain a lot of subscribers.

How to get a lot of subscribers on Youtube in the shortest possible time

1. The best content. Of course, the essence of the Youtube service is for people to get the information they need. Therefore, when a channel is tailored for a specific target audience, all content on the channel should be necessary and interesting to this audience.

2. Collecting video. Shoot a high-quality video with a catchy title and a key query in the title, for example, TOP 5 best …

Next, you need to find video bloggers with your target audience and order a Like and comment from your video from them. Subscribers to this video blogger will see the news from his channel, that is, Like to the video he liked. Thus, your video goes to the video blogger channel and gains views and subscribers. A large number of views contributes to the increase of this video in the search for Youtube.

3. Website. To attract subscribers to the Youtube channel, you should use all your resources that are already there, for example, a blog, social networks, website. Place a widget on your website with a link to your channel, so the audience visiting your blog and coming from the search engine will subscribe to the channel.

4. Twitter. The mechanics are as follows: after you have a new video coming out, you need to go to the exchange of advertising tweets and order 50 tweets for 100 rubles. Thus, Google will index the video according to the key request for which it was shot, and will be in the TOP of the results.

5. E-mail newsletter. Send an invitation to subscribe to the channel through your subscriber database. If you don’t have your base yet, urgently create a cool bonus and start collecting your base, and from there pull people interested in your content to the channel.

6. Paid addition to recommended channels for video bloggers. How to quickly get followers on youtube? Create cool videos. And then you have two ways: to invite friends and partners for cooperation, or to apply for video bloggers with a large audience for PR. Also you can buy youtube subscribers fast on Top4smm service.

7. Comments. This, of course, is a more labor-intensive way than buying like from a blogger, but nevertheless, it is a working way. You are just looking for channels with your audience and leave comments under interesting videos. But not comments in the spirit of “mutual subscription”, but real interesting comments, in which you can sometimes offer to look at your channel.

8. Personal invitation. You are just looking for people who are subscribed to channels similar to yours, and send them a personal message through Youtube with a proposal to look at your channel. This method is less effective, however, perhaps someone will like it.

9. Call to subscribe at the end of the video. To get a lot of followers on youtube, make calls at the end of each video to subscribe to the channel!

10. Annotations with a subscription appeal. In addition to calls to subscribe to the channel, you can use annotations, which also urge you to subscribe. Put a large footnote on your subscription at the end of each video.